'The Trust aims to inform the public of the great contribution made by the Lanchesters to science and engineering and to celebrate that in several ways, particularly by making educational awards and grants to current scientists and engineers to encourage innovation, and by initially creating  a student designed commemoration of the genius of Dr. Frederick Lanchester in the Court of Coventry University. The site chosen is University Square Coventry where it will be on public display.
 All this of course takes money and if you would like to donate to any of this work then this would be appreciated. It is intended to provide a direct donation mechanism via paypal or credit/debit card however in the interim donations should be by cheque payable to  The Lanchester Trust  at 35 Avenue Rd, Dorridge, Solihull B93 8LA. If you are prepared to allow us to recover the Gift Aid then please enclose details of your address and  your permission to do so.
If you are interested in becoming a Founder Member of the Trust then please contact any of the Trustees who's details are to be found on the web site.'

The aims of the trust are long lived and we envisage the trust providing scholarships and awards well into the future. If you would like to help support these aims then perhaps you could consider making a future bequest to the Trust in your will, your legal adviser will be able to help you with the process of a
charitable bequest and it would be much appreciated by the Trust.


Please complete and return to us the Gift Aid form 

Quite simply, Gift Aid means that for every £1 you give us - whether in the form of membership subscriptions or donations - the Lanchester Trust can get a further 28p from HM Revenue & Customs.

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4 Nov 2010, 13:07