This evolving website will hopefully help to raise awareness throughout the world of the achievements of Dr Frederick Lanchester.

It will show Lanchester versatility ranging from:

The first, all-British motor boat,

The first, all-British, 4-wheel motor car,

The fundamentals of flight,

Warfare and strategic planning


Colour photography

Petrol~electric hybrid cars,


The first ever use of the words 'streamlined' and so much more.

Amongst the hundreds of Lanchester inventions and designs for cars are:

disc brakes, rack & pinion steering, turbo charging, power steering, 4-wheel drive and even the humble accelerator pedal.

Please take a look at the Lanchester Patents

Chris Clark is the author of 2 books celebrating Lanchester Cars and members of the Lanchester family if you would like to learn more about Lanchesters please contact Chris:

Chris Clark: Telephone  01531 890 204

Alternatively contact Chris at http://www.lanchesters.com/

Please mention the Lanchester Trust when contacting him.