Restoration Award

‘Lanchester Trust Car Restoration Award’.  

This will be open to owners of any Lanchester, worldwide, which has been restored to an original condition.  The first such award will be presented for the best restoration completed between March 2010, the date that The Lanchester Trust was formed, and the end of March 2012 (after that, the Restoration Award will be presented annually).

It should be noted that the smallest production Lanchester made, the 10hp, will have as much chance to win as the largest Lanchester made, the 40hp; the care and quality of the restoration is the important criterion for winning this Lanchester Trust Car Restoration

“But what is the Award”, we hear you ask, “and how do we apply?”  Well, you won’t get your restoration expenditure back, that’s for sure!  More important than mere money, however, is the engraved, brass plaque you will receive as a permanent and prestigious reminder of your restoration efforts, to mount on your Lanchester’s dashboard, or to sit on your mantelpiece at home.  Oh yes, there will also be a £50 cheque from the Trust, to reimburse you for that explicit and detailed history file.  This should include as many pictures, sketches, renovation details, historical gems etc. as possible.  Each history file
received will be kept as a permanent record, to inspire and encourage other owners to work to a similarly high standard.
The winner can enjoy world-wide publicity for his/her restoration endeavours, in the DLOC magazine and other vintage/classic motoring journals.  This will help raise the profile of all Lanchester cars and also their value, which in turn will hopefully stop them being broken up for parts, as some are now. 

To participate in this scheme, simply contact The Lanchester Trust, inform them of your Lanchester restoration and that a copy of your history file is being sent; this will be acknowledged on receipt.  Please note that these cannot be returned, so originals should be retained by the owners.  We look forward to hearing from you shortly and seeing the results of your worthy efforts.

(Newsletter No4)