The first aim of The Trust is to increase the awareness and celebrate the achievements of Dr Frederick Lanchester and his brothers in the cities where they lived and worked

Lanchester scholarships and awards are on the agenda to assist University students and other scholars, and financial assistance may be given to deserving various Lanchester-related projects. Maybe a permanent Lanchester exhibition can be created, maybe the restoration of important Lanchester cars and other items can be undertaken. 

However, these exciting ventures require funding and, for the foreseeable future, all the Trust's worthy aims will have to be funded by donations from industry and individuals alike.  It is indeed wonderful that the first contributions have already kindly been offered.  If you, your friends and your business colleagues would like to join these existing sponsors, you will be proudly classed as Founder Members of this charitable Trust, which is run wholly by unpaid volunteers.  The Trustees thank you in anticipation of your support and would be interested to hear of your ideas for the future development of The Lanchester Trust.

More formally:

i)    The advancement of the scientific, engineering, and technological heritage, of the United Kingdom and in particular the promotion of the innovations, ideas and developments of Dr Frederick William Lanchester, George Herbert Lanchester and Frank Lanchester ("the Lanchester Brothers")

ii)    The advancement of scientific and technical heritage by promotion, sponsorship and or inform about items previously produced, written, invented, developed or manufactured by any or all of " the Lanchester Brothers" acting individually or together with one another, with other parties or bearing their name

iii)    The advancement of scientific, engineering and technological education by, but not limited to, the giving of grants and the award of scholarships and prizes to students, other individuals or non commercial academic organizations studying or working in such areas of science, technology and engineering.